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Management Board

Industry leaders and our Management Board play a vital role in setting the strategic direction for WYSE Travel Confederation and in representing the diverse interests of our members worldwide. Our Management Board oversees the implementation of decisions made by our members at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which takes place at the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) each year.

Management Board members serve a three year term and elections to re-elect board members, or to elect new board members, take place at our AGM.

Our current Management Board members 

Jason Merrithew
Merit Travel Group
Manel Bassols
Manel Bassols
Jochen Ostermann
Secutive LLC
United States
Carye-Duffin-BW Carye Duffin
United States
m2 Russ Hedge
Hostelling International
United States
Dave Dahl
Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee
WISE Foundation
United States

 Joining as of 1st January 2018


Pieter van der Zeeuw
Hans Brinker
The Netherlands

Finance and Audit Committee

Astrid Ludemann
Finance and Audit Committee Member
Kroll Associates UK