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Global Youth Travel Awards 2017

Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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Best Work Experience Provider 2017

Alliance Abroad Group

WYSTC 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa, was a game changer for Alliance Abroad Group: it was when they first had the idea to offer a fully-paid internship to a deserving WYSTC volunteer. The idea further flourished after forming a relationship with the first recipient, Thato Khasuli. Understanding more about this young man and his circumstances as an underprivileged African youth and the perspective he provided, encouraged Alliance Abroad Group to expand their reach so that, rather than assisting a single needy youth, they could find a way to help many more.

This is how Alliance Abroad discovered the Ubuntu Institute, an African organization with a tremendous reputation for improving the lives of South Africans facing economic, social and physical hardships, dedicated to “driving social change through a values-based leadership approach”. They have now entered into an exclusive arrangement to support their education and skills training programmes, working together towards the Institute’s mission to obliterate poverty and erase ignorance through skills training and education.

The Ubuntu Institute Education programme is focused on skills development, training, providing employment and scholarships for disadvantaged youths and adults. The programme focuses on the international community, particularly the USA, where youths are sent for training and internship opportunities. Alliance Abroad is their exclusive partner, chartered with identifying employment opportunities in Austin, Texas and elsewhere that will provide critical skills training and work experience.
The training these youths receive will increase their chances of gainful employment when they return to Africa. Eradicating poverty by equipping young people with the skills and training to make a living is a shared goal of their organizations.

Since the programme’s inception less than one year ago, 150 African youths are currently in the USA, gainfully employed and learning life-changing job skills. By the end of the year, Alliance Abroad and the Ubuntu Institute are on track to place 430 students in internships.

Read more about Alliance Abroad’s project with the Ubuntu institute here.