Members Questions


Q: Will the members now only vote for just the recommended slate of nominees or will we be able to vote for the individual nominees for each position on the management board and industry panels? What if a member wants to run without being selected by the Nominations Committee?

A: The premise of this is that the NomComm will have prescreened the candidates against a published transparent and public set of criteria, thus the candidates presented to the Meeting will be those that are the best available for the vacant positions. As a result the members will be voting to accept the slate in its totality.

There is a provision for any for any member in the Rules under section 4.1 (e) (vi) to challenge the slate by standing for election themselves in which case there will then be a secret ballot of the candidates on the slate plus the challenger and the top voted candidates will then be elected.

Any voting member, who complies with the criteria set out above may challenge the slate by advising the Management Board and by self-nominating as an additional candidate no less than seven (7) working days prior to the General Meeting or Annual General Meeting, stating their credentials to be considered. The sole purpose of the notification is to facilitate efficient administration of the election by allowing adequate time to prepare ballots.

Q: My concerns are that this is a return to the old days when the various boards were determined behind closed doors, members were given only one choice, approve the slated board or not. It took away a lot of power from the membership and created a lot of mistrust towards the board and management.

A: This was brought up by some of the longer standing members of the Management Board and as a result we have put safeguards in place to avoid this issue. As a result, there is a section in the “Membership explanation document” that addresses this:

What are the safeguards against misuse of the nominations process?

There are multiple checks and balances in this approach to nomination.

  • The nominations committee is made up from a combination of board members, the WYSE Travel Confederation CEO, panel members and members at large.
  • Nominated candidates must comply with a predetermined set of criteria or they will not be approved by the Management Board
  • All nominated candidates will be made known to the membership well in advance of the Annual General Meeting or General Meeting so that they can be reviewed by the remaining membership
  • The slate will be approved by the membership at an Annual General Meeting or General Meeting
  • Any slate can be challenged by a member in good standing for election alongside the slate candidates, in which case a ballot of all candidates will be prepared.
  • All members who are elected to board or panel roles are limited in the number years and terms that they can hold, thus ensuring a continuous rotation of talent and stakeholders.

Q: Is there a provision for members to be able to nominate someone else (not just themselves) if they are not happy with the slate?

A: No, as such, there is not a provision to nominate someone else, but of course they can approach someone else to stand as a self-nominating candidate and promising support at the election.

The rationale behind this, is that if someone feels that strongly against the proposed candidates then they are at liberty to either stand themselves or to source an alternative candidate.