WYSE General Meeting Agenda – March 2019


General Meeting of WYSE Travel Confederation


Date: Saturday, 16 March 2019
Time: 3:30 pm

Location: Wiltz Suite, Alvisse Parc Hotel, Route d’Echternach, L-1453. Luxembourg


  1. To ratify the change in Rules and Regulations to allow for the use of a Nominations Committee to recruit and recommend board and panel candidates
  2. To elect the new Chair Person to the Management Board

Provisional Agenda:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Appointment of Chairman and Secretary of the General Meeting
  3. Acceptance of agenda
  4. Approval of minutes of the previous Annual General meeting
  5. Ratify changes to Rules and Regulations
  6. Election of new Chairperson to the Management Board
  7. Any other business
  8. Close of meeting