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Best Travel Safety Initiative 2018


Developed by Travello, BlueTee is a journey management software that allows travel companies, travel insurers and international student providers real-time customer visibility and in-destination messaging capacity. The aim of the BlueTee platform is to arm student travel providers, travel insurers and travel companies with a greater degree of risk management and risk mitigation, ultimately leading to a more robust duty of care.If students or travellers go missing, BlueTee can be utilised to identify their location and initiate an appropriate course of action. In the case of international students, parents are trusting the placement provider to ‘look after’ their children, who are often going overseas, many for the first time. The reality is, that once these students land in a foreign country and decide to explore their new country, the placement provider, nor the international school has no idea where this student actually is.

Using the BlueTee platform, providers can not only see where their guests, policy holders and students are, but they can message them immediately if an incident or crisis occurs, notifying them of appropriate courses of action. Travellers can also be warned not to enter areas of danger, if applicable. BlueTee was only released to the market in late 2017 and can currently identify over 200,000 travellers in-destination.

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