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Yummy Jobs
Welcome to our new member Yummy Jobs
WYSE News | July 4, 2024

Yummy Jobs is an international recruitment company that specialises in professional training internships and summer jobs in the hospitality industry in the USA, and study hospitality opportunities in Switzerland. Yummy Jobs was founded in 2000 and has developed many successful partnerships that allow our participants unique opportunities to experience new cultures and increase their employability at the same time. We pride ourselves on providing life-changing opportunities that can kick start careers!

1. Can you elaborate a little more on who you are and how Yummy Jobs started?

Jason Smith founded Yummy Jobs in 2000 with a clear mission: to connect young people with international work opportunities to enhance their careers and broaden their horizons. The company was established with a focus on the tourism, hospitality and culinary sectors, which was where Jason’s experience had been gained at Walt Disney World, and he saw significant potential for growth.

His vision was to create a platform providing similar life-changing opportunities to young people across the globe. The goal was to bridge the gap between ambitious young professionals and international employers who could offer enriching, career-defining experiences.

2. You have been in business for a few years now. How do you think you have had to adapt to changing travel trends and stay relevant in the youth travel industry?

The Yummy Jobs team has developed a keen understanding of changing travel trends to ensure that the opportunities we offer align with the values and goals of our participants. We visit schools and recruitment events around the world, taking time to speak with both students and education leaders, so that we can better understand which hospitality trends are of key interest. By gathering a comprehensive understanding of the current industry, and by recognizing how this can change, Yummy Jobs has developed a catalogue of exciting opportunities that really does have something for everyone which includes Farm to Table, wellness destinations and up and coming cities like Nashville.

3. In 2023, you won the award for ‘Best Talent Development Team 2023’ by the Institute of Hospitality. Congratulations! What sets your business apart from its competitors?

The Yummy Jobs Team has a shared vision and values which are manifested through our commitment to fostering international exchange and collaboration. Our Team are a blend of those who have completed International Programs themselves, as well as people who have been in the shoes of the operators.

Having those experiences enables us to provide a supportive and nurturing environment where international participants can develop a global perspective and cultural awareness, enhance their skills and gain practical training experience, as well as add immeasurable value to the Clients we partner with.

4. How do you ensure the safety and well-being of participants while they are working and travelling abroad?

From visa application assistance, on program concerns, and post program advice, the Yummy Jobs team remain available to program participants. We rejoice in the successes of our participants and are on hand to offer support and guidance.

We believe that communication is key to success. Some employers provide housing and where this is not the case, we connect the participants with a strong local network.

Crucially, we guide participants to the tools they need to create solutions and find success, thus contributing to personal development as a part of the training program. Members of the Yummy Jobs team have participated in international programs themselves, and this experience ensures we consistently offer empathetic practical support.

5. What kind of support do you offer participants before, during, and after their trip?

Our team offers full step by step guidance and constant communication which begins from the initial application all the way to arrival on their Program. We offer career coaching to ensure that candidates are able to be considered by the host property that best matches their goals. Once accepted onto a Program, candidates have access to one on one support via email and video call to ensure that each element of the process and job details are clear. We are extremely responsive and act fast to all requests.

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Yummy Jobs is an international recruitment company that specialises in summer jobs in the hospitality industry in the USA, the best hospitality internships in the USA and study hospitality opportunities in Switzerland. Find out more.

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