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Welcome to our new member – Freepackers
WYSE News | July 11, 2024

Freepackers is a B Corp certified company that promotes travels with a purpose where everyone can have an active and engaging role. We organise school trips, summer camps, internships, volunteering, training and language courses in more than 37 countries and we support more than 100 impactful projects around the world.

1. Welcome back to WYSE Travel Confederation! For our newer members, can you elaborate a little more on who you are and how Freepackers started?

I founded Freepackers in 2010 to inspire young people to embrace international mobility and engage in meaningful projects. Having taken two sabbatical years myself, travelling the world, participating in working holiday programmes and international volunteer services, I know firsthand the value of such experiences.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of finding reliable projects and meeting passionate individuals from across the globe. This international exposure has fueled my desire to share these opportunities and make them accessible to as many people as possible.

2. What sets you and your business apart from its competitors?

We collaborate exclusively with vetted organisations that we know personally and trust. Our team has hands-on experience with all projects, and works closely with the local teams to make sure we are up to date with the needs of the community and our impact is optimised.

Our foundation, Freepackers Care, provides financial support to low-income individuals, students, and families willing to travel with a purpose. The goal is to make humanitarian and educational travel more inclusive and accessible to all.

3. You have been in business since 2010. How do you think you have had to adapt to changing travel trends and stay relevant in the youth travel industry?

As we prioritise the needs of local communities, we focus on educating travellers on how to adapt to the projects rather than following travel trends. However, our volunteer and student recruitment methods have evolved. We’ve had to enhance our online presence, hire younger community managers, create a TikTok account, use WhatsApp instead of emails, etc. To effectively engage with young travellers, we must be where they are!

4. How do you ensure that the projects you offer are meaningful and impactful for both the community and the volunteers?

We assess our impact through detailed reports from our local partners and comprehensive feedback and reviews from our participants. These impact reports provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of our projects and the benefits to local communities. Additionally, the feedback and reviews from our participants offer firsthand accounts of their experiences, helping us continually improve and ensure our initiatives are meaningful and impactful.

5. How does your company incorporate cultural immersion opportunities into your programmes?

We incorporate cultural immersion opportunities into our programmes by ensuring that the projects involve active participation in local communities. We offer homestay options for a more immersive experience, allowing participants to live with local families while working on the project. Additionally, we provide language courses to help participants communicate effectively and gain a deeper understanding of the culture. In most destinations, our local partner also organises various cultural activities, such as cooking classes, visits to cultural sites, and city tours, to further enrich the experience and foster a genuine connection with the local culture.

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Freepackers Travels is a B Corp certified company that promotes travels with a purpose where everyone can have an active and engaging role. Find out more.

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Country: Spain

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