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Linda Langin - Travel Safety | WYSE Travel Confederation
Respecting boundaries and understanding Age of Consent laws in the US
WYSE News | May 22, 2024

As students begin their journey in the United States, it is important they feel safe and supported during their stay. Outlined below is important information on respecting boundaries and understanding age of consent laws in the US.

What is sexual harassment and how to identify it

It can take various forms, such as verbal, physical, or visual. It is important to recognise these behaviors and know your rights.

Sexual harassment includes:

  • Unwelcome advances
  • Comments
  • Actions of a sexual nature that create a hostile environment

What can you do:

  • Title IX is a federal law in the US prohibiting sex-based discrimination, including sexual harassment, in educational programs.
  • Schools have policies and procedures in place to address sexual harassment.
  • Reporting sexual harassment promptly is crucial, and schools have designated officials to assist and support victims.
  • Confidential resources like counseling services and hotlines are available for victims.
  • Professionals can offer guidance while maintaining privacy.
  • Consent is essential in relationships and must be clear, voluntary, and enthusiastic.
  • Cultural differences exist, so understanding and respecting diverse perspectives on relationships is important.
  • Be an active bystander by intervening safely and supportively if you witness harassment. Your actions can positively impact someone’s well-being.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to your school’s resources.

Understanding Age of Consent Laws in the US for International Students:

  • Legal age of consent varies across US states, typically between 16 and 18 years.
  • Sexual activities with a minor below the age of consent, even if consensual, are illegal and carry serious legal consequences.
  • US law applies to everyone within the country, irrespective of nationality.
  • International students must comply with US age of consent laws, even if they differ from their home country’s laws.
  • It’s crucial for international students to understand and adhere to age of consent laws in the state they reside in to avoid legal repercussions.

Being aware of your rights, respecting boundaries, and fostering a safe environment are essential.


Linda Langin

Travel Safety Panel Chair
CareMed International Travel Insurance

Travel Safety Panel

Insurance companies and organisations operating in risk management, safeguarding, travel safety and child protection are represented by the Travel Safety Sector Panel. Nevertheless, safety concerns all aspects of the youth travel sector. For this reason, the Travel Safety Panel works closely with the Accommodation, Cultural Exchange and Study Abroad Sector Panels to improve sector-specific safety and security policies.
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