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An invite from the Accommodation Panel

Mar 12, 2021

Dear Accommodation Members,

I imagine that our industry finds itself at an important turning point. It is inevitable that your patience is being put to the test with the prospect of relaxations of COVID-19 restrictions, the roll-out of vaccination programmes and the first lifts of travel bans, no matter where you are in the world.

That is why I am addressing you with an outlook and a short update from the Accommodation Sector Panel. Our sector is one of the most impacted, business-wise but moreover, not having the lively atmosphere brought by travellers from all over the world, has ripped out its soul. After the first wave we were eager to re-open, while ensuring the health and safety of both guests and employees. We developed the WYSE COVID-19 Safe Accommodation Declaration, assuring guests that hostels and budget hotels were more than capable of adhering to the local and national standards of operating. Spot checks are executed weekly and almost a hundred properties have been ratified. If you haven’t signed up yet, I would recommend doing so, to be prepared to welcome new guests again.

Though the pandemic is still prevalent, the winds of change are blowing and the outlook is more cheerful. But how to prepare for a period of sudden recovery alternated with possible setbacks? What do hostels need to pay attention to when there is a total mismatch between supply and demand or when regular bookings pick up and you need to forecast on your rates and the number of mid-and long stay bookings?

The Sector Panels at WYSE Travel Confederation are here to guide you and represent your interests.

The Accommodation Sector Panel feels it is the right time to reach out to you and discuss the current outlook for the sector as a whole and how to deal with rates, forecasts and revenue management to be fit for the post-COVID era.

Therefore, we have scheduled a Member Connect session hosted by the Accommodation Panel on Thursday, 25 March at 16:00 CET. Given the format of the informal call, it is limited to a maximum of 25 participants and registration is applicable. You can register here and we welcome any prior questions you may have for the panel on this new phase to come.

The recovery process for the travel industry will be complicated and lengthy, but let us walk it together.

Pieter van der Zeeuw, Chairman
CEO, Hans Brinker Hostels



The Accommodation Panel

Pieter van der Zeeuw, Managing Director, Hans Brinker (Chairman)
Louise GarnerCommercial Director, Clink Hostels
Etienne Matichard, Director of Sales and Distribution, JO&JOE
Kevin McCormick, Head of Commercial Operations, University of Bath
Alex Rivers, Managing Director, Astor Hotels
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