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YellowSquare launches interactive platform, YellowShare

May 1, 2020

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WYSE Travel Confederation member, YellowSquare hostel first opened its doors 20 years ago to provide beds for youth travellers exploring Italy. Through the hostel’s activities and classes, it has evolved into a place where guests can meet, share ideas and take home culinary knowledge.

Although travelling is currently restricted, the thirst for learning and discovery has not diminished. Fueled by this, YellowSquare has created YellowShare: an online platform for like-minded travellers to come together to talk, share and learn. 

Participants can sign up for a selection of activities such as language exchanges, yoga classes and history lessons, or choose to lead a session from home by hosting an event through the platform.  

 “YellowShare is the first step towards creating a physical and virtual community of like-minded people capable of adapting to an ever-evolving society and sharing tools and knowledge together to build the opportunities of the future,” said YellowSquare Co-founder Fabio Coppola.

Visit YellowShare and join the activities here.

About YellowSquare
YellowSquare offers affordable shared and private accommodation, along with multi-functional common areas, a wide range of services and a robust F&B offering, in a central location in Rome. Its mission is to provide guests and locals with a meeting point where both have the opportunity to share, interact, teach, learn, communicate, connect and inspire.

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