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InterrailingPackages has developed Ireland’s first holiday package that doesn’t involve flying

Mar 5, 2020

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The team at InterrailingPackages have been working alongside the Nordic Region’s Tourism Ireland team to help work around flight shaming and environmentally conscious young people to develop a completely land based travel package to 3 of Ireland’s glorious cities!

For InterrailingPackages, the team are always trying to find ways to avoid flying to European cities as much as possible and do their necessary bit to help the environment. With a large proportion of their customers based in the UK, many of their pre-designed interrailing routes start and end in London St Pancras International Station.

“Flight shaming” is a Swedish born movement which has become more prominent, the aviation industry is now closely watching this trend in Sweden, where the campaign is having a big impact. Not to mention the impact of Greta Thunberg, who has been doing outstanding work preaching about how we need to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions and why we need to take a moment to reflect on how our behaviour affects the environment.

Considering this, we now have some of the most travel conscious youths who are more concerned than ever about the impact of travel on destinations and the environment.

The Tourism Ireland Nordic Region team had to find a way to promote travel to Ireland that is going to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Thanks to the work of 26-year-old climate activist and travel blogger *Evelina Utterdahl and Tourism Ireland, they have created awareness of how easy it can be to get to Ireland without flying. InterrailingPackages were only too willing to get involved in the Nordic team’s ‘Travel to Ireland Without A Car’ campaign, as the company is based in Ireland, they are currently working on bringing young people to the Emerald Isle with a variety of packages.

Using the research that Evelina had posted in her blog Earth Wanderess, InterrailingPackages put together the ultimate travel to Ireland adventure by land for the travel conscious youth traveller, allowing for a few different city stops along the way. Rather than just visiting the Fair City of Dublin, InterrailingPackages have extended the Ireland part of the trip to Dublin, Kilkenny, and Belfast.

View the Eco Emerald Ilse 2-week interrailing package here.

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