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Bayswater Education acquires Language Study Centres from STS Education

Mar 27, 2020

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Bayswater Education has acquired Language Study Centres (LSC), the UK arm of STS Education’s junior language travel operations.

Bayswater Education is a London-based educational travel company, dedicated to English-language and professional education for international students in the UK. They are an innovative and socially conscious company that is 100% dedicated to education travel and are poised to greatly develop this space in the UK.

By adding LSC’s broad junior summer camp portfolio to their own, Bayswater Education will greatly expand their operations with new locations, new courses and an extensive network of international partners. They hope to use the experienced LSC team to continue to grow and push the business in new directions.

STS Education has decided to divest LSC as part of their strategy to increase focus on their growing business, international high school exchanges. The company has experienced considerable growth in that space in recent years and plans to keep bolstering their position within it and improving their products, portfolio and customer experience. At the same time, they will continue to offer and find new avenues for growth in language travel products in the UK and elsewhere.

As part of the deal, the Language Study Centres brand will be retained and the continue to offer high-quality study programmes, as well as social and cultural programmes for young international students at various centres around the UK. The acquisition will also allow STS to continue to collaborate closely with LSC and Bayswater Education to offer language travel products in the UK.

Stephan Roussounis, Managing Director of Bayswater Education, said this about the acquisition: “We’re thrilled to be joining forces with LSC. This will greatly expand our offering and strengthen our position within the growing under-18 language travel market. By adding LSC’s experience, knowledge and vast international network, we will be able to diversify geographically, broaden our portfolio, and ultimately strengthen our core business. Most importantly, we will be able to reach and provide for a greater number of young international students.”

John Cedergårdh, CEO of STS Education, had this to say: “This acquisition mirrors similar deals in the education travel industry, as it continues a growing drive towards consolidation. We believe that having the right players dedicating their resources and knowledge to the right areas, the industry as a whole will progress and become the best it can be. I’m certain LSC will greatly benefit from Bayswater’s experience, vision and drive to grow by dedicating 100% of their resources and efforts to the language travel product. We’re convinced that the partnership will be a great success, and we look forward to continue collaborating closely with both LSC and Bayswater Education in the future.”

About Language Study Centres
Founded in 1999, Language Study Centres operates 7 summer camps across the south of the UK, including leading destinations such as Brighton, Oxford and London. Hosting over 4000 students per year and featuring innovative courses such as E-gaming and leadership, LSC is a leading player in the junior language travel sector.

About Bayswater Education

Bayswater Education was founded in 2017 as one of the first social enterprises in International Education. Pulling together an experienced team from the sector, Bayswater Colleges in London and Liverpool offer adults a portfolio of Digital Marketing, Fashion and English. It also offers year-round group services and features a junior division, Bayswater Summer. For every student that Bayswater College teaches, they teach another from a disadvantaged background, on a one for one basis. The college is accredited by the British Council, a member of ALTO and English UK and is proud to be partnered with the Digital Marketing Institute.

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