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Enjoying Amsterdam in 2020 (and beyond) means giving more to the destination

Jan 2, 2020

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Amsterdam is asking more from overnight guests and those who prefer a guided tour of the city this year. Effective 1 January 2020, the City of Amsterdam will collect a fixed, base tax of EUR 3 per person per night for stays in hotels and hostels.

The base tax is in addition to an existing tax on overnight stays equal to 7% of the cost of the room (excluding breakfast). The base tax also applies to stays at camp sites, though at a lower rate of EUR 1 per person per night. Children younger than 16 years are exempt from the base tax.

Other tariffs and rules apply to B&Bs and short-stay rentals in Amsterdam.

ClinkNOORD, a hostel in Amsterdam and member of WYSE Travel Confederation, is educating guests with information about the new, additional tax on their stay in the city.

“At Clink we strive to be in tune with our guests along their journey with us,” said Louise Garner, the hostel chain’s Commercial Director. “We want each guest to get the most out of their stay and we hope information like this helps travellers to be well informed before coming to Amsterdam.”


The city of Amsterdam is imposing other new taxes on tourists in 2020. Cruise ship visitors (older than 2 years) staying in Amsterdam are now subject to a EUR 8 ‘day tripper’ tax (per passenger per day). A new ‘entertainment tax’ applies to participants of organised tours, including walking, boat, and bus tours.

The existing entertainment tax, which applied to boat and bus tours in 2019, now extends to organised walking tours. The tax increased from EUR .66 per participant in 2019 to EUR 1.50 per participant as of 1 January 2020.

More changes affecting tourists and entertainment providers are in the pipeline. The city of Amsterdam plans to implement new rules related to organised tours per 1 April 2020, including reduction in the maximum size for organised tour groups, expansion of the area(s) where guide permits are required, and prohibition of organised tours along sex worker windows in the city’s three red light districts. As of 2021, the entertainment tax will be extended to festivals and events in the city.

WYSE Travel Confederation hosts global events for the youth travel industry. Click the logos below to learn more.

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