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USIT are proud and excited to introduce new CEO Elaine Russell

Dec 10, 2019

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What happens when you mix a team that possess a wealth of experience in youth work and travel with a new CEO who has a history of transforming and turning businesses around?

A new era of USIT, that’s what. 

This year USIT celebrates 60 years in business and with ambitious plans for the next era in work and travel they welcome new CEO, Elaine Russell, who will head up the Teach and Travel Group and the English Studio.

Being a mother of two young girls, Laura and Grace, Elaine is no stranger to a busy lifestyle. She comes from a corporate background working with multinational companies. Currently she lives in Dublin with her husband Michael and their children.

Since her arrival at USIT, Elaine has rolled up her sleeves and worked alongside what she calls ¨the strong team¨. She is excited to work in an environment that encourages open, bilateral lines of communication, a leadership style that has seen her seamlessly gain the respect of staff.

Elaine’s ability to galvanise the team and get buy-in on her ideas and vision for the future make it not only an exciting time to work with the USIT brand, but a time of ample opportunity. There’s certainly an air of ‘anything is possible’ fanning through the building. 

I’m blown away by the passion for travel, the bank of experience plus the quality of employees,” Elaine says enthusiastically about the USIT staff team.

Although new to the travel industry, Elaine brings with her a vast and varied experience from the technology industry, having worked for international brands like O2 and Tesco Mobile where she led a large team to deliver a turnaround.

She has outlined her objectives for USIT going forward which are:
To be more customer-centric by relentlessly focusing on the customer and giving them exactly what they need
To build on the current strength of the USIT brand
To continue to build high performing teams that allows individuals to be their best, whilst harvesting staff experience and using it to propel company growth

In the coming year, Elaine’s plans for USIT are to grow the number of Cultural Exchange participants, both inbound and outbound, starting in 2020 by delivering unique and differentiated participant experiences, while meeting their needs of ease of use and value for money.

Watch this space.

For further information contact:

Geraldine O’Callaghan


Elaine Russell, CEO

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