Trip Loop – Best Travel Technology Product 2019

Oct 22, 2019

Launched in 2017, Trip Loop is an all-in-one app for group travel, that helps study abroad providers find and communicate with their student travellers, with and without internet access.

Travellers, especially students and youth travellers, expect a digital service from their travel providers. They want an easy way to communicate with their travel manager whenever they need help, and a reliable way to stay in touch with their group. They also expect an easy way to access their itinerary and trip information.

Trip Loop streamlines group agendas, group updates and group tracking, allowing travel managers to reduce the time dedicated to this. Before a trip, the company trains the travel managers beforehand and loads itineraries and trip information to the Trip Loop system. 15 days before the trip starts, students can download Trip Loop and scan a unique QR code that gives them access to their trip. They can also download the maps of their destination on Trip Loop and start interacting with their fellow travellers and travel managers. During their travels, students are able to communicate with travel managers about their daily activities via the app, with or without internet.

The app also favours the safety of travellers: in the event of an unforeseen circumstance, travel managers enable the “safety mode” in Trip Loop to locate all of their locations and easily communicate the situation with the group, streamlining risk management procedures.

The idea behind Trip Loop was to modernise student travellers’ experiences, so that they are better informed, connected and safer when they are travelling in groups.

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