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Camps International – Best Sustainable Organisation 2019

Oct 22, 2019

A member of the UN Global Compact, Camps International is the leading provider of ethical and sustainable expeditions. Each of their 100 active projects is dedicated to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and they are one of the very few expedition providers who own their entire ground operation. 

Each project Camps International undertakes is located on site where the work will take place for at least 5 years, cementing its place in the community. By establishing a long-term presence Camps International builds meaningful relationship with communities enabling them to leave completed projects in the hands of the local people who are employed teachers and doctors, supporting the local economy.

Education is integral to the success of the projects and Camps International prides itself on fostering cultural respect and understanding between local communities and travellers participating in projects. Language lessons and cultural briefings play a big part in educating travellers along with running monthly book and film clubs to provide travellers with insight into the history and culture of communities.   

Since 2002 the work Camps International carries out has;

  • Supported the education of more than 40,000 children,
  • Built 6 medical centres in communities of need
  • Protected 850,000 acres of habitat
  • Provided safe drinking water to over 70,000 people

“We strongly believe that Camps International provides an excellent example of how an unwavering commitment to ethics and sustainability at every level can create a successful, enterprise which positively impacts its clients and the planet. Our projects, camps and extended family of staff, volunteers and local community members all stand testament to this.”
Kim Warner, Camps International

Stay up to date with the great projects at Camps International on their website.