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Alliance Abroad Group Announces Two New Senior Executives

Oct 17, 2019

Press release
Austin, Texas, USA – 17 October 2019

Alliance Abroad Group (AAG) proudly announces the promotion of James Bell from President of USA to Chief Operating Officer of Global Operations. In addition, AAG is pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Cooper to the role of President of AAG USA. Both Mr. Bell and Mr. Cooper started their careers through cultural exchange programs and attribute their individual career paths to the opportunities made available to them through work and study abroad programs.

Mr. Bell has over 30 years’ experience in the travel industry and nearly a decade in the cultural exchange industry. He started his career first as a cultural exchange student in France, eventually living and working in Spain, Italy, Denmark, the U.K., and the U.S. He has served as President of AAG for nine years and accepted the appointment to Chief Operating Officer in October 2019. “This is an exciting time, AAG’s international growth has been full-force the past few years and we have expanded our programming portfolio with new programs in new countries – and we will be adding more programs and more countries as we move forward.” Mr. Bell will oversee all Alliance Abroad Group operations and concerns, both in North America and globally.

Mr. Cooper joins AAG officially on October 15, 2019. He will be relocating from Southern California to the corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas. “It’s a big move for my family,” Mr. Cooper explains, “but the opportunity to work in the cultural exchange industry was too appealing to pass up.” Mr. Cooper has 20 years’ experience in the travel industry, recently serving as President of two global travel companies. He started his travel industry career upon leaving his hometown of Sheffield, England, working in the U.S. as a camp counsellor. Mr. Cooper believes that the cultural exchange industry is a natural progression in his career. “Travel is ultimately about having new experiences and putting yourself in a different setting, cultural exchange offers the same sort of experience but at a much deeper level.”

“Adam has extensive experience in the travel industry and has a personal connection with the value of cultural exchange programs. With his success as a travel industry leader, we have every confidence that Adam will be able to help advance AAG’s corporate strategies while remaining true to our heritage as a caring provider of cultural exchange opportunities” said Mr. Bell.

Mr. Cooper will oversee all operations in USA and report directly to Mr. Bell.  Mr. Bell will report directly to Victoria Lynden, founder and CEO of Alliance Abroad Group.

About Alliance Abroad Group

Alliance Abroad Group is a leader in cultural exchange programs. Fueled by a desire to bring diversity, education, enrichment and a broader worldview to people around the globe, AAG is passionate about creating lasting value and life-changing experiences for both businesses and individuals. We connect leading businesses and brands with international talent for mutual benefit and amazing results.  For more information visit