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Generation Greta – where does the journey lead to?

Sep 5, 2019

The tour operator Praktikawelten calls for climate protection

Munich, Germany –  September 1, 2019

Praktikawelten offers participants a very special initiative in September 2019. Instead of a personal discount, the tour operator donates € 50 to the tropical forest foundation OroVerde for every volunteer registration, thus supporting the protection and preservation of the tropical rainforest.

“We are sure that we will receive positive feedback from our participants who are part of the Greta generation and we would like to encourage a more conscious travel behavior. Together, we campaign for the preservation of the rainforest and thus make a valuable contribution to climate protection”, says Hedwig Scheck, CEO Praktikawelten. “If our initiative is successful, we will continue to do it in the future.”

The tropical forest foundation OroVerde is committed to the protection and preservation of tropical rainforests. Rainforest protection and development cooperation go hand in hand, because rainforest protection projects can only be successful in the long term if local people are involved. At the same time, OroVerde is focusing on educational projects and consumer tips in Germany, because rainforest protection starts with the individual shopping behavior.

Further information:

Each participant, in whose name Praktikawelten donates, receives a personalized certificate as proof of the contribution made to climate protection.

As a responsible provider of volunteer work, sabbaticals, work and travel and internships abroad, Praktikawelten supports sustainable tourism and long-term stays. In line with its mission, the TourCert community member is committed to ecologically responsible travel.

In addition to the September special offer including the donation to rainforest protection, Praktikawelten also provides opportunities to eliminate the ecological footprint. For example, participants can compensate the CO2 emissions of their flights and at the same time support climate protection projects all over the world.

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