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Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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Youth travel remix by WYSE and Arival feat. New Horizons & Asia Pacific (APAC)

Jul 23, 2019

Two of the hottest travel industry groups have joined forces just in time for summer festival season to bring you the Shep Petttibone remix of travel industry research insights.

In a limited-edition mashup, Arival and WYSE Travel Confederation lay down the findings of a 4,000 traveller analysis in a lo-fi-but-online zine[1] titled What Your Customers Want: Asia Pacific.

The release was dropped one night in Bangkok last month by stats master DQ (a.k.a Douglas Quinby) and features slick segues and funky findings from New Horizons, WYSE Travel Confederation’s global survey of the 18 to 30 travel market. Running solo for years now, the collaboration is unusual for New Horizons, who only drops data once every five years.

So, what’s this magic mix all about? What exactly do travellers to Asia Pacific want?

Get into the groove and download the deck for free to find out.

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Arival is the global community of creators and sellers of tours, activities and attractions advancing the business of in-destination experiences.
WYSE Travel Confederation is the global community of youth and student travel specialists, promoting the social and economic power of travel experiences for young people. We both look forward to seeing you at our travel industry events on the B side.

Interested in more on tours and activities? Check out our latest publication on multi-country trips, also free to download.

[1] also known as a “slide deck”