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Award Honors Cultural Ambassadors from 14 Countries

Jul 24, 2019

Press release
San Rafael, CA, USA  – 24 July 2019

Winners have been selected representing 14 countries, including the USA, for the third edition of the annual Cultural Ambassador Award (CAA) organized by Cultural Homestay International (CHI). A group of 16 Cultural Ambassadors will meet in Washington, D.C. for a three-day conference between August 20-23, to share their country’s culture, tackle community and world issues and connect with US Department of State staff at a round table held at their headquarters. Winners will also enjoy a tour of DC attractions, including the US Capitol.

The CAA initiative provides international youth and American hosts participating in our nation’s Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) with the chance to represent their country, gain further understanding of others by first-hand interaction and offers the chance to inspire these future leaders as they develop their careers and think of how they can positively impact communities in their home country.

The nationalities selected for this year’s CAA are representative of the diversity in cultural visitors that choose the US for their programs abroad. CAA winners will represent Mexico, Jordan, Viet Nam, South Africa, Colombia, Russia, Hong Kong, the Dominican Republic, Uzbekistan, the United States, Romania, Italy, the Philippines and Thailand.


“Getting to know the students and their cultures over the years helped me understand the importance of our similarities rather than differences. At the same time, it taught me to celebrate our uniqueness and diversity,” said CAA winner Johnathan Motte, an American working for the Downtown Aquarium in Houston, TX. The Aquarium hosts international exchange participants from several countries. Johnathan developed an interest in traveling the world and visiting his international friends living in Ukraine, Colombia and Jordan.

With CAA in its third year, five CAA alumni continued in their path toward advancing their careers by participating in the Global Pathfinder Summit hosted by the University of Virginia in Charlottesville this spring. The event is organized by the Presidential Precinct and American Evolution. In partnership with the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, CHI’s CAA alumni joined 150 youth leaders from the U.S. and from around the world spanning 50 nationalities, discussing democracy, civil engagement and volunteering in the local community.

About Cultural Homestay International

Cultural Homestay International (CHI) is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1980 by Tom and Lilka Areton. CHI’s Mission is to promote international understanding and goodwill through people-to-people exchanges. we believe the best way to achieve our goal is to directly experience each others’ customs, language and values by building bridges of friendship and trust among people. Visit to learn more.

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