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TTPL Launches the UK’s First Language Programme with Video Creators Academy

Jun 4, 2019

Press release
Devon, UK – 4 June 2019

English language provider TTPL has launched the UK’s first ever programme for students aged 14-18 to build confidence in English through video production, gaming and digital media. 

The innovative two week English language programme “Speak Out, Speak English” incorporates morning sessions of interactive teaching methods to build confidence in spoken English and presentation skills.  Afternoon sessions take place in the state-of-the-art facilities of Tubers Video Academy, the UK’s first organisation dedicated to teaching young people skills in video, live streaming, animation, technology and media production.

TTPL’s Director, Nadine Stroud said, “We recognise that students get so much more out of their experience when they are challenged and engaged. We’ve developed this programme to move away from the traditional classroom and focus instead on speaking English, developing skills to prepare for the world of work and, importantly, building confidence. We’re very proud to be the first language provider in the UK to offer this to the international student market.”

Students apply their spoken English learning at Tubers Video Academy through a structured digital media curriculum, with sessions focusing on team working, leadership, problem-solving, communication and confidence. The programme includes 30 hours of teacher-led access to an extensive range of facilities including video production studios, digital editing suite, animation, virtual reality, coding and gaming.  Students are challenged to work together to plan, complete and present their projects to demonstrate their English communication skills.

Claire Landricombe, Marketing Manager at TTPL said, “This new two week programme offers an exciting and practical way to learn English, with students learning technical and communication skills in a safe and fun environment.” 

Contact: Claire Landricombe, Marketing Manager, TTPL

The Training Partnership Ltd (TTPL) has 23 years’ experience providing English language and work experience programmes and is located in the beautiful seaside region of Torbay in South West England.