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African Impact Awarded ‘Most Innovative Intern Abroad Program of 2019′

Jun 13, 2019

Press release
Cape Town, South Africa – 6 June 2019

  • This innovative and impactful internship stimulates economic growth in South Africa whilst ensuring sustainable food sources for the future
  • Interns on this program support and incubate local entrepreneurs through knowledge sharing
  • The experience allows for interns to have a positive impact on the continent through developing micro-enterprises hand-in-hand with the local community

Cape Town, South AfricaGo Abroad awarded African Impact the 2019 winner for their Social Development and Entrepreneurship Internship in the Greater Kruger Region of South Africa. The internship tackles food security and income generation issues through subsistence farming and entrepreneurial and social business development. This internship changes lives by stimulating economic growth, which is especially vital in developing countries where unemployment is often catastrophically high.

“Like all African Impact programs, the Social Development and Entrepreneurship Internship leverages our strong community connections to ensure our interns who come from around the globe to Africa are making a positive and sustainable impact on the continent and leave the continent impacted by the experience which will in turn shape their perceptions.” – Andrew Procter, Managing Director – African Impact

African Impact’s Social Development and Entrepreneurship Internship looks to support and incubate local entrepreneurs, helping them learn and ultimately establish small to medium business start-ups. When successful, their innovation creates job growth and improves standards of living. Outcomes of this programme have included members of the local community being able to generate income through food production and the creation of micro-enterprises.

This internship provides unparalleled student learning opportunities for those interested in entrepreneurship and community development. Throughout the programme, interns gain hands-on experience establishing and running businesses in the varied and challenging African economic landscape.

“Being part of the program has awarded me invaluable lessons on problem solving, teamwork, empathy, and most importantly, that small changes can have big impacts.” – Kevin, Social Development and Entrepreneurship Intern

African Impact continues to innovate and provide exceptional internship experiences with the right mix of breadth and depth. The Social Development and Entrepreneurship internship aims to ensure that communities are able to be self-sufficient through creating sustainable businesses and securing food sources so that the communities can thrive.

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