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Hanover launches v2.0 of its cultural exchange specific CRM

May 21, 2019

Hanover has just launched v2.0 of its cultural exchange specific CRM. Since the original release of this system in 2018, its use has expanded to over 20 countries worldwide, across all of the major program types including; SWT, Internships, Au Pair, Camp Counselor and Volunteer.

Hanover v2.0 focuses on providing better tools to help companies give participants, hosts and partners a better, more seamless experience. For example, their new integration with Mailchimp allows companies to create visually appealing emails that can be sent automatically at different stages of a workflow.

“By listening to our customer’s feedback, there was a growing demand for ways to help them offer the best customer journey possible whilst also gathering data to help make future strategic decisions. Based on those insights, Hanover v2.0 has focussed on smart application management features and integrations that can help our customers focus on growing their programs” said Adam Graff, Partnerships Manager at Hanover.

“These features include visa expiration tracking, the ability to have sections of an application form ‘unlock’ at different stages of the process, more control over what information hosts can see about participants as well as automating more of the overall process.”

Hanover v3.0 is already underway with plans to introduce features to help with lead management, improved payment tracking and further integrations with 3rd party services.

“Recruiting and placing participants in different countries is a complicated process with lots of data moving around. Our vision is to simplify it whilst making the whole experience seamless to everyone involved. We want to say a big thanks to our customers as their insightful feedback has allowed us to make Hanover v2.0 the best version yet… at least until v3.0”

What’s new in v2.0? Too much to list here, so the team at Hanover have prepared this infographic to show you…