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Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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WYSE Travel Confederation reforms the Rules and Regulations

Mar 22, 2019

As part of the ongoing modernisation of the governance of WYSE Travel Confederation, members voted at the recent General Meeting in Luxembourg to update the Rules and Regulations of the Association to include a Nominations Committee to handle the recruitment and retention of talent from the membership wishing to join industry panels and the Management Board.

Having reviewed the process for the selection of elected members, the Management Board were concerned with how the impetus of the progress made so far by the Confederation over the last five years was to be maintained.

The Nominations Committee addresses those concerns by actively seeking out candidates with the right ability and attitude to become officials and also tackles the diversity of gender and nationality challenge. In addition, the new process will add further transparency to the process with members being able to see the selection criteria whilst also being able to challenge the slate if there is strong opposition.

Russ Hedge, the newly elected Management Board Chairman said “The “roll up your sleeves” approach that the Board has taken over the last few years can be seen in the nominations committee recommendation. This is all about taking best governance practices, bringing it to WYSE and providing a financial and governance structure that allows WYSE to grow”.

Over the coming months the new Committee will be formed and recruitment for open positions will commence. New Board and Panel members will then be ratified at WYSTC Lisbon in October. Any member wishing to stand for a board or panel position can register their interest by emailing the WYSE Membership Team.

David Chapman, Director General said, “We are delighted to be able to make this progressive change to our selection process as we believe that it will enable us to attract the most appropriate and interesting people to serve on our board and panels. In turn this will strengthen the relevance of WYSE Travel Confederation to the youth travel market and to tourism and travel as a whole”.