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Manchester, United Kingdom β€” 22-25 September 2009

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Could this be the year of Camp Canada?

Nov 27, 2018

Smaller Earth sees record number of people interested in growing summer camp programme.

Press release:

This year marks the official relaunch of Camp Canada, by Nyquest, following successful trial with partner Smaller Earth.

Younger people are becoming more interested in Canada, with heavy promotion from tourism within Canada, there is more encouragement for people to go and visit.

And the Camp Canada program is showing the trend, it has already hit a record number of registrations for this year. The predicted forecasts are showing a 59% growth of people on the program. Which has surpassed expectations.

It is now the fastest growing summer camp program in the UK, with record growth recorded, as young people are beginning to choose summer Camp Canada over other worldwide summer camp programs.

When asked about the increased interest in Canadian summer camps, Jessica Kennedy, Camp Canada programme manager said β€œIt [Camp Canada] offers a different experience and culture which wasn’t previously thought of as accessible to the UK market due to the visa restrictions. Having an registered in-house immigration specialist and the expert knowledge of the Canadian and UK teams has meant that this year we can open the doors to many more young people for this incredible experience.”

And with more interest comes more events. The Camp Canada fairs have always been a highlight of the season, but with more people going to summer camp, this year will also be the highest number of hiring fairs in the UK and Ireland.

About Smaller Earth:

Smaller Earth was founded in Liverpool in 1999 and has grown into a global company with 15 offices worldwide employing over 150 staff. They offer cultural exchange programs with Camp Canada joining the ranks of Camp Leaders and Adventure China, which offers American style summer camps in China.

Smaller Earth is a member of WYSE Travel Confederation.

Source: Press release – Smaller Earth