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Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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Welcome to our newest member – Via Hostels

May 16, 2018

Interview with Dan Jakobsen – Director of Sales

Tell us your story. How did Via Hostels get started?

Via Hostels started a few years back in London with a vision of Yuval Hermann that saw the opportunity to create individual space in hostels that catered for both the traditional youth traveller and the backpacker that was looking to meet and greet fellow backpackers and perhaps hook up with travel companions for the next journey. Mr. Hermann created the freedom to be yourself in a Via hostel without being bombarded with marketing offers, digital tracking cookies and signing in for services all the time, but with the traditional eye to eye contact between guest and staff on duty.

What makes Via Hostels different from your competitors?

Via Hostels dares to set aside the digital progress in today’s world and stick to personal space, contact, service mixed with an ultra-modern hostel environment.

What is your favourite success story from your organisation?

Setting the pace in the second ring of outskirts of Amsterdam with a super hostel that has hit the ground running.

What can we expect to see from Via Hostels in the future?

More great hostels in key markets in Europe and possibly some mixed products thrown in the mix where work space unites with the relaxed hostel lifestyle.

Which trends do you see in educational and active youth travel?

More awareness of what a destination offers wherever youth travellers decide to go. Secondary city locations will grow markets share across Europe such as Porto, Naples, Santiago De Compostela, Bilbao, Bordeaux & Aarhus.

How do you work to ensure the health and safety of young travellers involved with Students Partners?

We have open and transparent communication with our partners. Also, we let common sense guide young travellers to make the right choices when away on their adventures. At Via Hostels we believe that setting boundaries is all about explaining the ins and outs of local do’s and don’ts. We are not the youth travel industry watchdog, rather we see ourselves more as the youth industry guide dog.

What was your motivation to join WYSE Travel Confederation?

For Via Hostels being part of the WYSE Travel Confederation and the network that is included is invaluable to our aspirations to always to be on par with the best of the best in the industry with regards to service and offerings in our hostels. Recognition and participation in the world of youth travel is of high priority on our agenda.

Have you attended a WYSE Travel Confederation event? (World Youth and Student Travel Conference, STAY WYSE, WYSE Exchange Australia, WETM-IAC) If so, what was your experience with the event?

Via Hostels has participated in recent years in the Amsterdam STAY WYSE conference and we love the format and networking opportunities that comes with meeting & old industry fellow colleagues.

What is an industry challenge your organisation is facing at this time?

Our growth vision is always a challenge as you need the right building at the right moment for it all to make financial sense when investing in new openings or converting existing properties into Via Hostels for the future. Personally, I also foresee hotels and Airbnb to keep up with the buzzing hybrid hostel scene and claim their deserved part of the market share. That in turn means keeping up with trends, movements and placing yourself in the limelight for all the right reasons when promoting your units.

Member snapshot

For the curious new-age traveller ready to stretch their minds. Here to connect you to the local scene. May it be in the city or in one of our fly and fresh designed communal spaces. Our aim is to help you to travel differently and discover the city in creative new ways.

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