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Shakthi Eurasia Exchange program in Sri Lanka celebrates 5 years of impact

May 31, 2018

Shakthi Eurasia Exchange recently celebrated their 5th anniversary with their theme – 5 Years of Impact. Established in 2013, Shakthi Eurasia Exchange have hosted 3,400 international volunteers and students with 85% of these participating in child care, teaching, wildlife and building volunteering projects, while the remaining 15% had been involved in medical and mental health education and observation projects.

Since their foundation, Shakthi Eurasia Exchange have faced and overcome a lot of challenges in being able to better understand how government parties and authorities function and have gone on to make valuable contributions worth over 15 million Sri Lankan rupees (over 80,000 euro). During such time, they went on to build the very first eye clinic worth 2.5 million rupees at Balapitiya Base Hospital which has a population catchment area of 200,000. And currently they are in the process of building the first volleyball court at one of their local schools.

In addition, they are closely working with SUNFO (Sri Lanka United Nation Friendship Organization) and are fulfilling 7 out of 17 sustainable development goals proposed by the UN, including:

• No Poverty
• Zero Hunger
• Good health and well being
• Quality Education
• Clean water and sanitation
• Life below water
• Life on Land

Ashika Senevirathna, from Shakthi Eurasia Exchange, has high aspirations and thanks for what the organisation has achieved to date, “We wish to achieve the rest of the goals in our future years and as a growing organisation. We are really happy to shout out a big thanks to all our volunteers who supported us”.

For their 5th anniversary celebrations, all children who participated in their English teaching projects over the last five years were able to attend. “It was so great to see how they have improved with their confidence. There were 125 children from four different villages and a child development centre. They were performing English speeches, songs, English dramas scripted by them and dancing too”, said Ashika Senevirathna. In appreciation of their participation, dedication and improvement, the children were awarded with a certificate and voucher to help motivate them further. In addition, Shakthi’s biggest overseas partner, CEO of UK based Plan My Gap Year Ltd., Philip Russels, was also in attendance.

You can learn more about volunteering opportunities with Shakthi Eurasia Exchange here.