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Meet our new member: Watcep LLC

Mar 12, 2018

Tell us your story. How did Watcep LLC get started? 

Co-founded by Eray Tavukcu and Sean Slaughter in 2017, Watcep, LLC started as an idea to innovate and expand on the current J-1 Cultural Exchange programmes.  Quick backstory: Eray participated in the J1 Summer Work and Travel programme in 2007 and then with the Trainee programme in 2010.  Having personally experienced the programmes, he recognized some inefficiencies with the process and thought “how can I make this programme better?  Sean has a background in corporate America with nearly a decade’s experience in marketing, hiring, employee development, and networking.  With his expertise in connecting businesses and strengthening professional brands by streamlining the J1 process, Watcep offers a transparent, user-friendly, student driven ONLINE platform. Through the creation of its unique website, Watcep allows the student to take control of the entire process, from start to finish.  Their partnership has valuable touch points to both sides of the J1 process: the student and the employer.

What makes Watcep LLC different? 

Watcep’s mission is to allow the student to take control of his/her future.   By truly focusing on how to make the process more efficient, cost-effective, and stream-lined, Watcep can focus on creating a personal touch that is absent in the industry today.  Through Watcep, students are in the driver’s seat:  they decide what programme suits their needs (SWT, Internship, or Trainee), they create a customized student profile that focuses on their professional strengths, their goals when coming to America, and their down-time passions, they schedule an online interview w/ Watcep, and they get their job offer through Watcep.  Watcep then handles the rest of the J-1 process for the student.  The process is quick, user-friendly, easy to navigate, and all under one roof: Watcep, LLC.

What is your favourite success story from your agency?  

The brand awareness has been great.  In a relatively short period of time, students and employers have adopted Watcep’s brand as a reliable and trustworthy option for Cultural Exchange programmes.  This is largely in part due to the great partnerships Watcep has secured with American host companies and American sponsors.  Additionally, the positive results and attention Watcep has seen from its social media platforms has been outstanding. Watcep has created valuable connections that will help it grow in the very near future.

What are your future plans?  

Watcep is focused on becoming a global brand.  The goal is to become the industry leader in J-1 cultural exchange programmes.  When someone hears Watcep, he/she will immediately think trustworthy, reliable, and focused on student development.

Which trends do you see in educational and active youth travel?

The current generation is very tech-savvy.  Nearly everyone in our target demographic has a mobile device with them at all times.  That trend is not going anywhere.  In fact, new technologies, ways of communicating, and innovative ideas are popping up daily.  These trends will absolutely change the way J-1 programmes operate, recruit students, and partner with future employers.

Which challenges do you see in educational and active youth travel?

The awareness of the programmes, both internationally and locally (in the USA).  Students across the world know about J-1 programmes, but not enough truly understand the benefits of them.  When students are properly educated about J-1, they want to become a part of the process.   Once educated, they see the value of adopting themselves in a professional work environment in a new culture (the USA).  They develop new skills, gain confidence, meet successful business owners, make new friends, and have fun in America.  The abundance of positive skills learned through J-1 cultural exchange programmes need to be better understood by all parties.

What support/safety is provided for young people joining your programmes?

Watcep understands the importance of safety and ensures complete compliance with all applicable laws and guidelines set by the Department of State, US employers, American sponsors, etc.  Additionally, the website has one of the most secure accreditations for online payment through the use of extended validation (the same security as any online banking platform).  Watcep also has a vigorous vetting process for housing, to ensure safety and security when the student arrives.

What was your motivation to join WYSE Travel Confederation?

WYSE is a globally known and recognized organisation. The name is synonymous with trust, security, and professionalism.  That is our goal at Watcep: to become a global brand known for its trust, security, and professionalism.  What better way to grow our brand than to partner with the best!

Member snapshot

Watcep LLC helps students take control of their placement for Summer Work & Travel, Internship and Trainee cultural exchange programmes in the USA. They offer an online platform with J-1 programmes with an objective to become full-cycle of service solution for the foreign exchange students.

For more information visit their website

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