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RusticPathways launches race education programme creating discussion through travel and workshops

Nov 2, 2017

WYSE Travel Confederation member Rustic Pathways, a leading provider of authentic travel, service learning, and adventure programmes, is launching a ‘Race in America programme.’ The programme seeks to educate high school students on the complicated history of race, identity, and collective action in the United States. The newest addition to Rustic Pathways’ Critical Issues series, Race in America aims to equip 10-15 of tomorrow’s leaders with the understanding and insight to discuss and respond to racial issues at a high level. The 17-day experience examines modern race relations and inequalities through a historical perspective, exploring issues related to privilege and racial barriers through workshops and local culture.

“This programme is more than just a conversation about historical racism. It’s an exploration of history’s influence on the current experiences of communities of color – from the many challenges and barriers to the triumphs and progress achieved in pursuit of equality,” said Chris Stakich, CEO of Rustic Pathways. “If we don’t find a way to come together as one nation, racism will continue to permeate our country – which is why we’ve created Race in America. Our mission at Rustic Pathways is to create a world where all people are connected through a shared humanity, and decisions are made with a global perspective.”

During the Race in America programme, students will travel as a group with facilitators to Philadelphia, PA; Gettysburg, PA; Washington, DC.; Baltimore, MD; Birmingham, AL; Selma, AL; the Mississippi Delta; and New Orleans, LA, immersing in new environments and learning the local history. While traveling, students will take a hard look at the history of slavery and segregation, study civil rights at the epicenter of the movement, talk about current challenges for black communities, visit museums and landmarks, and learn from organizations and individuals making strides in creating equal opportunity for all.

The trip is the company’s second By Invitation Only course, following the Peace, Wonder, and Understanding Islam trip to Morocco in 2016. By Invitation Only trips are supported by scholarships and are completely free for the students to ensure that they can access conversations with their generation without cost barriers. The application period for Summer 2018 opens October 17th. To learn more about Race in America, to nominate a student, or to apply, click here.