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WYSE Travel Confederation member The Dragon Trip specialises in offering adventure travel for young people, on a budget, in Asia. Over the last 6 years, they have taken over 5,000 people on tours to China and Japan and have now established a series of new journeys taking in the beauty of South East Asia. The trip offers the same tried and tested formula as their other tours with a blend of unmissable attractions, off the beaten track locations and cultural experiences. All these coupled with expert guides, cheap prices and the chance to sample some the continent’s best nightlife.

The trip came about due to the demands of previous Dragon Trippers. Having had incredible experiences in China and Japan- they were keen to embark upon another trip with the company. The Dragon Trip said South East Asia remains an ideal location for young, budget travellers. It’s aesthetically stunning and affordable for young people. The Dragon Trip said it has created a tour that goes beyond the standard locations and gives people a chance to go deeper than they would on their own.

The tour was curated by the company’s Chief Operations Officer, William Rowles. “We wanted to make a trip which showed people both Southeast Asia’s highlights and its hidden treasures,” he said. “Vietnam is where people will thrill and surprise people the most. It is where we spend the most amount of time.” Willam said the Vietnam section has a whole range of activities from a Zay homestay in Sa Pa, the Chi Chi tunnels and boating across Halong Bay.

Source: The Dragon Trip press release August 2017

ha long bay

Photo from: the Dragon Trip