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Youth travellers now have a chance to win two flights with the World’s Best Airline and tickets to one of the top music festivals in Europe. WYSE Travel Confederation has partnered with Emirates airline for the fourth edition of the New Horizons Survey, the only recurring global survey of the youth travel segment. Millennial and Gen Z travellers (ages 18-35) accounted for an estimated 280 million international arrivals in 2016 and the New Horizons Survey offers the most comprehensive insight into their habits and motivations.

“Emirates corporate partnership with WYSE Travel Confederation over the last several years clearly demonstrates their commitment to understanding the needs and wants of today’s young travellers,” said David Chapman, Director General of WYSE Travel Confederation. “WYSE is pleased that Emirates will support this very important study.”

Information on all of the prizes and the survey can be found on the newly launched New Horizons website. In the survey, youth travellers are asked about where, why and how they travel. The survey enquires how trip planning and booking is managed, as well as travel expenditures. Last conducted in 2012 and generating more than 34,000 responses from 137 countries, New Horizons discovered that, on average, the youth and student traveller spent just under EUR 3,000 for his/her last main international trip – a growth of 40% since the 2007 survey.

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