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WYSE Travel Confederation member Rustic Pathways is announcing the launch of its Leader Corps programme to help college graduates fully prepare to enter the workforce. Rustic Pathways is a leading provider of authentic travel, service learning and adventure programmes. The flagship programme, in coordination with 6th Power, aims to help students land their dream job, and positions them for successful careers. The three-week advanced professional development course combines executive coaching with purposeful international travel to help students close the skills gap and tackle the burden of student loan debt.

As part of the Leader Corps programme, students will travel to Peru to immerse in a new environment. Rustic Pathways has found that travelling abroad to new places greatly increases the development of soft skills like leadership, self-awareness, grit and empathy. While travelling, students will define their individual purpose statement with their certified development coach. They’ll also work together on personal branding, development and identify the companies that most closely align with their passion and purpose.

“A recent survey from Payscale shows that hiring managers say recent graduates are most often lacking soft skills like critical thinking, attention to detail, and communication skills,” said Chris Stakich, CEO of Rustic Pathways. “At Rustic Pathways we have regularly seen immense student development after participating in one of our travel programmes. Most students report growth in key soft skills, like independence, self-awareness, empathy and humility. With Leader Corps, we are able to pair the benefits of international travel with the know-how of Fortune 50 executives to help recent graduates overcome the obstacles and kickstart their dream career.”

As part of the programme, coaches will teach recent graduates about effective communication, collaboration models, design-thinking methodology and negotiation techniques. According to Rustic Pathways, the programme is so effective that graduates are guaranteed to get a job within 12 months of graduating, or they get their money back. Click here to learn more about Leader Corps or to enrol in a programme.

Source: Rustic Pathways press release, June 2017