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PractiGo is a dynamic and devoted company with the aim to offer the perfect experience abroad. Their journey started in 2001 when they provided their first inexpensive internships abroad. Ten years later they had organised almost 10.000 internships! Today they are able to offer several different programmes, all based on the same idea: Gaining new experience and improving language skills, while learning for life.

At PractiGo they believe in the concept ‘learning by doing’ or, in other words, learning through first-hand experience. This concept has inspired them in the development of all of their programmes. Their hope is that every participant, after finishing his or her programme, will be able to say that they have learned something new that will help them through future challenges and realise their aims. All of the consultants in their international team have spent long periods abroad and learnt a new language, giving them invaluable first-hand experience.

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