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Volunteer Forever is a platform to help travellers to find and fund their volunteer, intern, and teach abroad trips and to connect prospective volunteers, interns, and students with international education program providers.
“Think of us as a next generation travel directory with helpful travel guides, profiles of international education providers, and a crowd funding platform to help travellers raise money for their trips abroad.”
Volunteer Forever is one of the most visited volunteer travel platforms in the world and their clients include the largest providers in the industry. Their site demographic leans heavily towards the highly coveted 18-35 demographic (80%) with 70% of the audience being female. Approximately 70% of the traffic is from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and NZ with the majority of coming from the US.
The team is comprised of data-loving “quants”, one of whom is a PhD in Operations Research (emphasis on statistical analysis, optimisation, and machine learning) and the other with experience working as a product manager for Google Analytics. “We enjoy continuously launching new features and fine-tuning our platform to help our clients recruit new participants for an extremely compelling return on their marketing investment.”

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