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Vagaband – the tech-free travellers’ safety band, keeping adventurers safe around the world, one wrist at a time. Vagaband is all about embracing the wild uncertainties that make travelling such a wonderful experience.
“Far from trying to discourage young people from taking risks, we want to foster a mentality where these risks can be embraced.”
With a Vagaband on your wrist, you can be certain your needs will be communicated clearly… just in case. Vagaband is a virtually indestructible, update-able bracelet for adventurers, travellers and explorers. It folds out to reveal a sheet large enough to contain any essential emergency medical and contact information that a traveller might need. But Vagabands are so much more: a diary, a sketchbook, a memento… It gives travellers a much-needed safety net, while also holding all the memories that are just too precious to confine to a screen.
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