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A teacher-founded company, Peace Works Travel is a socially-conscious study abroad program in countries recovering from history. Their travellers engage in meaningful experiential adventures designed to foster critical thinking, empathy, and innovative solutions for a more peaceful world.

Founded by passionate high school history teacher, Alethea Tyner Paradis, Peace Works Travel gives students emphatic understanding of our world and 21st century skills to generate solutions. In 2005—30 years after the “Fall of Saigon” and with American forces stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq—pop culture began to reflect on the lessons learned from the Vietnam War. Inspired by the gravity of this inquiry and wishing to pose it to a broader audience of students and teachers, Alethea Tyner Paradis built a service-learning program focused on Vietnam. Featured in an ABC News Emmy Award-winning documentary, Peace Works Travel earned notoriety among kindred-spirit educators, war veterans, and activist organisations dedicated to peace.
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