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Manchester, United Kingdom — 22-25 September 2009

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Festivals as Youth Tourism Destinations, the latest report from WYSE Travel Confederation, reviews the growing popularity of festivals, with a specific focus on the music festivals market and its youth tourism audience.

The Festivals as Youth Tourism Destinations report draws upon existing WYSE Travel Confederation research, including the New Horizons III and Millennial Traveller surveys. Other recent research on festival tourism and impact on destinations is also reviewed.

 The report traces some of the major trends in the market and presents several case studies of the effect of festivals on destination development, including techno tourism in Germany, SXSW (USA), EXIT (Serbia), BPM (Mexico), Boom (Portugal), and Groovin the Moo (Australia) and others.

The report is free for members of WYSE Travel Confederation upon request.

Non-members can purchase the report or consider joining to gain access to all WYSE Travel Confederation reports and other benefits.