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Sunnysky International Cultural Exchange (SICE) is a leading cultural exchange organisation in Northwest of China. Their goal is to facilitate international cultural exchanges and educational programme research & development. The head office of Sunnysky is located in one of the oldest cities of China – Xi’an with one of the most famous attractions being the Terracotta Warriors. The organisation is working with many U.S. Designated J1 sponsors and other schools and travel agencies around the world.

Sunnysky is dedicated to developing variety of education programmes to offer students more opportunities to experience life abroad and foreign cultures. They are currently running the following programmes: J1 Summer Work and Travel; J1 Intern/Trainee Programme; Volunteer Programme, and Business Travel. Sunnysky has a young and professional team, most of whom have participated in international cultural exchange programmes and thus have better understanding about the regulations and the meaning of the programme. The organisation is currently expanding its networks and is looking forward to meeting new business partners at the World Youth and Student Travel Conference (WYSTC) in Belgrade, Serbia in September.

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