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629-01798033 Model Release: Yes Property Release: No portrait of two teenage girls sitting in rowing boat on Bavarian lakeSavvy, socially connected young Brits are setting their sights high when it comes to holidaying in 2016, with many expected to put creature comforts at the top of their travel necessities.

Contiki, has released insights from its 2015 booking data which shows that young Brits are moving away from the shoestring backpacker travel style and evolving into travellers who crave authentic experiences with a touch of luxury.

Terms like ‘Poshtels’ and ‘Flashpackers’ are increasingly common in the tourism sector. In 2015, Contiki saw a significant increase in bookings for hotel trips such as In-Depth Explorer trips (up 74% on 2014). The average young traveller is more discerning than ever and the rise of home sharing sites demonstrates the millennials’ demand for accommodation with more character and personality.

For today’s youth, it’s not just about where you go or stay; it’s what you do while you’re there. Demand for the Contiki Discovery Plus trip, for the see-it-all explorer, has almost doubled (up 92% year on year) which get into the heart and soul of the regions they visit, has increased by more than 55%, demonstrating a trend for immersion travel and getting under the skin of the destination.

Source: TNT Magazine