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Three days of business appointments, networking, seminars, workshops and wristband checks…did WYSTC 2015 meet your expectations?

Tell us how you’d rate this year’s event and your ideas for future events by completing the WYSTC 2015 feedback survey. Complete it by Friday, 13 November and you may win a free booth for WYSTC 2016 in Belgrade.


“WYSTC delivered again! As this was my second attendance of the conference much of the pressure of a first-timer was gone and familiar faces made it much easier to do what this conference offers best: networking opportunities. The business appointments are a great way of meeting potential partners but the social events in the evenings are where business actually gets done! I will be there in Serbia surely!”

* * *

“WYTSC is a very good mix of trading moments with great informal networking and good insight of the market trends. It is definitely a good place to meet with people you will not see anywhere else.“

* * *

“WYSTC has been the best value for money marketing platform for us over the last two years. The success of WYSTC for us is that it is well organized, well attended and well targeted for our market. The online appointment booking system is absolutely brilliant and a huge contribution to our success. We look forward to building the business on the back of WYSTC.”

* * *

“WYSTC once again exceeded our expectations with fantastic networking opportunities for old and new partnerships.”