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Are you making €200 per bed per year in ancillary revenue?

Ancillary revenue is a growing and important source of income in the airline and hospitality sectors.

Beyond the Bed – the latest research report from WYSE Travel Confederation sector association STAY WYSE – examines ancillary revenue in the youth travel accommodation (YTA) industry.

This report looks at the trends in the airline and hospitality sectors, along with the results of a survey of YTA providers about their ancillary revenue sources – what the income sources are, how much is being made, and how they’re going about it.

Beyond the Bed offers a series of strategies and insights for YTA operators on how to maximise ancillary revenue by studying guest data, considering the stay life-cycle, harnessing technology to make relevant and timely offers, and looks at the power of a revenue management system to hone sales strategies and maximise overall revenue.

Key findings include:

* Those with revenue management systems generate higher per bed revenues than those without

* Commission income can represent a significant percentage of total revenue, but not everyone is capitalising on it

* Food and beverage revenues can amount to nearly a quarter of total revenue for suburban properties

The report is available free to STAY WYSE members and those who completed the survey.

Click here to request access to the report.