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STA Travel has become the first high street agent to sign a partnership with accommodation provider Airbnb.

It means airbnb properties are now bookable through STA, both online and through an in-store referral programme.

Starting with STA’s UK operation, it is hoped the deal will expand to STA Travel customers in the US, Asia and Australasia.

Airbnb-logo-STA stores can’t sell Airbnb properties directly because the booking agreement has to be directly between the host and the traveller.

But first-time users can get a £20 voucher code from STA to use on Airbnb’s site or app.

Online bookings for Airbnb can be made via the STA Travel site via the dedicated page ( or by selecting Airbnb ‘unique places to stay’ from the site’s booking tool.

STA Travel chief executive John Constable airbnb complements and completes its accommodation options.

“Initial results are incredibly encouraging, showing strong demand for Airbnb properties in Europe and North America, but also for more exotic, long-haul destinations that traditionally appeal to STA Travel’s customers – from Hong Kong to Singapore, and from Brazil to French Polynesia,” he said.

“Travel experts in our stores have told us that they had had numerous requests for Airbnb, so this is a new product line that perfectly suits our adventurous and independent customer base and complements our existing product range.”

Source: TravelMole