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WYSE Travel Confederation recently introduced Cape Studies Language School as a new member. You can now get to know more about the Cape Town based organisation in our exclusive interview with head of the school, Annaelle More. Cape Studies is an international English language school that also offers a range of excursions around the city.


Tell us your story. How did your business get started?

There was a boom in the Cape Town tourism market 20 years ago and the backpacker industry started to flourish. It was the right time to start education and tourism packages not just for youth travel, but for people of all ages. This was how Cape Studies came to be – training foreign travellers in English and combining this with tourism packages at affordable prices.

So with a group of very active elderly ladies from Germany – who wanted to improve their English and simultaneously experience the beauty of our city – our venture began.

What are your unique selling points? What makes you different?

Cape studies 1

Our location in Green Point is perfect, centrally located just ten minutes away from the city centre, the V&A Waterfront and the beaches.  At Cape Studies we believe that a great after-hours social life is as important to our clients as the top quality training they receive during the day. Therefore we make sure all accommodation is within walking distance of the school, so students can get together in the evenings and explore the fantastic night life in Cape Town. Other activities include extreme sport, eco tourism, the arts and culture – there’s never a dull moment.

On an academic note, should students fail an international exam like Cambridge, for example, they can re-do the complete course, free of charge.  We keep our student numbers in the classroom to a maximum of eight to allow for more individual attention. Our classrooms are also equipped with interactive white boards, which enable students and teachers to explore a new dimension of learning.

Our success is owed to our teachers and admin staff; most of them have been with us for many years, some as long as 14! We are indeed a family.

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What are some of your success stories?

Apart from having successfully trained around ten thousand students over the past 20 years, we are most proud of the ambassadors our clients have become for South Africa after their stay. We’ve been nominated four times as the best language school in the Southern hemisphere by the Language Travel Magazine London.

We also pride ourselves on the familiar atmosphere we have managed to create for both our staff and students to thrive in, which can be immediately felt the moment you walk through our gate. Our team of exceptional teachers have what it takes to maximise the learning process and progress is visible in no time.

What are your future plans?

To keep advancing we’ve incorporated technology into our lessons by installing digital whiteboards. This gives students the option to download all their lessons onto their laptops or tablets – yet another way we are making Cape Studies an environmentally conscious school.

Cape Studies is aiming to reach a wider clientèle in order to create an even greater diversity at our school. We believe that learning is enhanced though inter-cultural exchange in the classroom.

We are also expanding our social programs , which include a safe house in Gansbaai for neglected children where students have the opportunity to be involved and help in any which way they can during and after their stay.

What was your motivation to join WYSE Travel Confederation?

Cape studies 2

Despite having operated successfully for 20 years, there are always things to learn, contacts to be made, and industry developments to enjoy. WYSE Travel Confederation offers all of this and more.

Any top tips for people starting out in the youth travel sector?

Make sure you are reachable 24 hours a day, create a fun filled and diverse program and keep your clients happy and busy.

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