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In the Chinese Millennial Traveller report that forms part of its Millennial Traveller series, WYSE Travel Confederation identified that the average spend for trips outside China by [Chinese] youth travellers was EUR 1,200, more than double the average spend on domestic trips.

According to UNWTO data, Chinese travellers took an estimated 109 million overseas trips in 2014 and spent an estimated USD 129 billion in 2013. The infographic below is designed to provide insight in to this rapidly expanding travel demographic:

CMT infographic


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Chinese Millennial Traveller - Final cover (2)

If you would like a deeper insight into the habits, spending, satisfaction levels and travel styles of Chinese travellers born between the early 1980s and 2000s, including:

  • Most important motivators to travel
  • Sources of travel information
  • Opinions on hostel accommodation

Download the executive summary of our Chinese Millennial Traveller report today.


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