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The travel industry spends billions of dollars every year driving traffic to their websites, yet 81% of visitors leave before completing their booking. SaleCycle decided to find out why.  As consumers, we’re all familiar with the idea of ‘shopping around’ for our dream holiday, or indeed just wanting to find a good deal on the next trip to visit family, friends or colleagues.

For marketers working in online travel – whether at an airline, hotel, OTA, cruise or car rental brand – booking abandonment can be a real headache, particularly if those abandoning consumers don’t return to complete their booking.

In September 2014, SaleCycle embarked on the first survey of its kind to ask why we abandon our bookings, and developed this infographic to present its findings:

Travel Survey InfographicUpdated

About SaleCycle

Founded in 2010, SaleCycle is committed to helping the world”s leading brands recover lost sales online. SaleCycle”s signature On-Site Remarketing and Email Remarketing solutions enable clients to reconnect with consumers who abandon their shopping cart, booking or application form with dynamic, personalized messages in real-time. SaleCycle serves over 500 clients globally and has offices in Washington DC, London, Paris, Singapore and Australia. Find out why the world”s leading brands including Sony, Ralph Lauren and Hertz work with SaleCycle at