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Mobile technology has permeated student life and shapes how students seek and expect to find the information that they are looking for, according to Tiffany Harrison,’s Outreach Manager and driver of the GoAbroad Roadshow Bus.

“It’s essential for companies looking to work with language travellers to meet these young people where they’re at,” said Tiffany during the first WYSE webinar of 2015, Language Travel and Social Media.

As part of the session, audience members answered questions about how their companies are utilising social media and mobile technology.

Are you using social media platforms for marketing to language travellers?

Are you using social media platforms.










Is your website optimised for mobile users?









How do social media and language travel go together?

We are interested to find out how social media and language travel go together.

Take part in our social media poll to let us know how your organisation is utilising social media and mobile technology. has learned from its volumes of alumni feedback that learning a language is often at the core of a student’s motivation to participate in a meaningful, international educational travel programme. We encourage language travellers to share their experiences and they rise to that challenge. Peers then look to these stories to guide their own decision-making processes,” added Tiffany.

Are you encouraging user reviews and testimonials?

Are you encouraging user reviews










There is no doubt that tools are moving in the direction of fully embracing digital and mobile technology.

“Instagram is now essential for image-based marketing,” noted Tiffany, highlighting its growth as a micro-video platform with new targeted, in-feed video advertising options. Its 15-second clips and high level of social traction are ideal for building brand awareness and launching promos and giveaways.

“Instagram can give a ‘visual voice’ to your brand; this is a space where the young travellers that you want to talk to are,” she said.

Which micro-video sites does your company use?

Micro-video sites













“We’ll be watching platforms such as Snapchat and Vine – social media is constantly changing, so it will be interesting to see what happens this year.”

Watch the webinar

A recording of the Language Travel and Social Media WYSE webinar is available to members of WYSE Travel Confederation free of charge. You can also register for the next WYSE webinar, Multi-Channel Analytics for Online Success, presented by Internet Advantage on Tuesday, 24 February at 17:00 CET.