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One of the world’s largest student organisations, ISIC, is joining forces with Danske Bank. The first step is to offer student customers an International Student Identity Card and participation in professional events aimed at facilitating student life abroad.

From Danske Bank’s point of view, the collaboration is one way of making Danske Bank even more attractive to young customers. Initially, the agreement with ISIC means that student customers get substantial discounts on ISIC cards, which in return make them eligible for discounts on train and flight tickets, shopping, books, computer equipment and more.


Today, there are more than five million students with an ISIC card worldwide, ISIC Denmark is pleased about the collaboration, which, according to Nordic ISIC Manager Jacob Strømfeldt, will benefit Danish students.

“We want to be students’ number one platform for discounts and benefits, and thanks to our collaboration with Danske Bank, we are now looking forward to offering a card that will make student life easier, cheaper and more fun. At the same time, the collaboration will pave the way for Danske Bank and ISIC working together to improve advisory services for students – for example through professional events to help young people wanting to study abroad,” says Jacob Strømfeldt.

Danske Bank currently has more than 90,000 student customers and an advisory unit targeting young people and students was recently established. According to Ans Sulebakk Khawaja, Danske Bank sees great potential for the collaboration.

“We want to give young people the best possible basis for a good student life, and we believe that ISIC, thanks to their knowledge and experience with students, can supplement our own advisory competencies, and we are really looking forward to the collaboration,” says Ans Sulebakk Khawaja, head of Ung Direkte (Young Direct) at Danske Bank.

About the ISIC card and the collaboration with Danske Bank

  • ISIC was initially established by students during a student conference in Copenhagen in 1953, and has been endorsed by UNESCO, universities, and other educational institutions worldwide.
  • The card gives access to more than 40,000 student discounts in 125,000 different places in 130 countries.
  • There are about five million cardholders worldwide. In Denmark, approximately 20,000 students hold an ISIC card.
  • The standard price is DKK 185 a year. As of 25 August 2014, Danske Bank’s Danske Studie customers will be able to buy the card for DKK 90 a year.
  • In Denmark, cardholders are eligible for discounts on study books, computer equipment, train and flight tickets and shopping. Read more about the benefits here:

About ISIC

The ISIC Association is the non-profit organisation behind the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). The ISIC card is an internationally accepted proof of bona fide student status, and the ISIC Association is the only organisation that is supported by UNESCO since 1968. ISIC has also been endorsed by the European Student Union, for example.

In Denmark, the ISIC Association is represented by the KILROY Group, which also holds the license to issue the ISIC card in the other four Nordic countries.