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If Skyscanner Logoyou have ever wondered what the future holds for tomorrow’s traveller, join our keynote session at WYSTC 2014, where Filip Filipov, Head of B2B at Skyscanner, will provide you with an insightful and entertaining look ahead to 2024.

During his presentation, Filip will focus on how emerging technologies and artificial intelligence attuned to our individual travel preferences are expected to impact on travel planning over the next decade.

Filip explains: “Ten years ago, who would have predicted that it would be the norm today to communicate directly with all friends on holiday by Skype or mobile phone rather than sending a postcard, or make travel choices from a website on a computer screen rather than from a travel agent’s brochure? Essentially, think of a world of travel where the traveller comes first – and the technology comes together to make that experience intuitive, rich and inspirational.”

The session will follow TOM, the Traveller of the Millennium, who uses multiple technology platforms and devices – most of which already exist or are in development – to research, plan and book his travel.

This is your chance to have a preview of what the next decade will bring to our travels – don’t miss this thought provoking session, which will get WYSTC 2014 off to a flying start.

Date: Wednesday, 24 September – 09:00 to 10:30

Meet our keynote speaker

FilipFilip-Filipov Filipov joined Skyscanner in July 2013 to work on a number of strategic initiatives and recently became Head of the B2B team. Filip and his team are responsible for defining and building products for travel industry players such as powerful APIs, data analytics and industry insights.

Filip previously held a variety of senior management positions in a wide range of industries and areas. He started his career at the United Nations in Santiago, where he was responsible for the assessment of post-conflict peace and delivery of strategies for state recovery.

Following this, Filip worked as a consultant in New York and London on strategy and supply chain management projects, before moving into the travel industry, where he held a number of roles including Deputy COO at a travel start-up company Everbread Limited.

Prior to joining Skyscanner, Filip worked as an associate for Travel Capitalist Ventures, evaluating and vetting early stage investment opportunities and advising on strategy, marketing and operation of the travel companies in the firm´s portfolio.


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