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WYSE Travel Confederation is pleased to announce that the following organisations have recently become members of our community:

Access LogoAccess International Global Exchange, Inc. offers internships, training programmes and summer work and travel for both students and professionals. Access International has offices in the US and the Philippines.

Membership: WYSE Work Abroad and WYSE Travel Confederation Category 2

Logo-Cabana-copaCabanaCopa is a 100 bed quality hostel located a few minutes from the famous Copacabana Beach. CabanaCopa is a large colonial building fully renovated with clean, spacious dorms and bathrooms with hot showers and social areas, located in a street with 24hr security. The hostel offers a good balance of nightlife and quiet atmosphere, with an onsite bar and lounge open until around 10pm. It also has some little essential features like complementary breakfast until 11am, high-speed internet and Wi-Fi, bed linen.

Membership: STAY WYSE and WYSE Travel Confederation Category 1

M3-Sprachagentur logoM3-Sprachagentur is a German agency specialised in work and travel programmes, language courses and internships in Great Britain. M3-Sprachagentur’s offer also includes volunteer work in combination with Spanish language courses in Central America.

Membership: WYSE Work Abroad and WYSE Travel Confederation Category 1

Soft Track logoSoft Track Inc is a user-friendly, multi-channel connectivity tool that creates an auditable communication record between J-1 sponsor organizations and their participant community. Fundamentally, Soft Track was developed to help these parties fulfill new U.S. State Department regulatory requirements for the J-1 Visa program. Soft Track maintains an open line of communication with program participants located in the U.S. or in their home country, enhancing personal safety, American cultural experience and compliance with U.S. government requirements.
Membership: WYSE Work Abroad and WYSE Travel Confederation Service Partner

Upgrade – The below WYSE Travel Confederation member has also joined our Sector Association STAY WYSE:

hans_brinker_upgrades-logoHans Brinker is a well-known budget hotel located in the center of Amsterdam offering 505 beds. Hans Brinker is a current member of WYSE Travel Confederation and has joined STAY WYSE in the category 201-1000 beds.

Membership: STAY WYSE and WYSE Travel Confederation

Membership of WYSE Travel Confederation can offer your organisation the following benefits and services: 

  • Networking & Introductions. We can help you find organisations to grow your business.
  • Discounts for industry events. Preferential registration rates and promotional opportunities at our two major events: the World Youth & Student Travel Conference and the Work Experience Travel Market & IAPA Annual Conference. Members enjoy almost 30% off the registration price!
  • Research. Members have free access to accurate and reliable industry intelligence and market research. Visit our Youth Travel Research website for more information.
  • Policy workWe can support your organisation and let your voice be heard in discussions about today’s critical issues. We work extensively with the UNWTO and are a stakeholder in the European Commission’s Youth on the Move Campaign.
  • Online networking & promotion of your organisation through our website, social media networks and via the WYSE Travel Confederation LinkedIn Group, enabling members to promote their programmes globally & network with trusted trading partners.
  • Mark of Quality: use the WYSE Travel Confederation logos as a symbol of quality on your organisation’s website, brochures, and other marketing materials.
  • On-going communications & industry updates: monthly newsletter Network News, WYSTC Wire, Association newsletters, blogs, press releases and webinars.

If you too would like to join WYSE Travel Confederation, please click here.

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